Patrick Grennan
Founder & CEO

Pat started The Food Joint in 2016 with a mission of providing mouth watering munchies to the people of Northern Colorado. Not the type of guy to stay in one place very long, Pat realized that a traditional restaurant would not be for him. Instead, he figured...stick it on wheels and drive it around! And that's exactly what Pat did. Food has always been a passion for Pat, and many of the items on the menu were inspired by family meals Pat ate growing up. For Mexican dishes to Traditional entrées The Food Joint is Pats way of sharing his palette with the world! 



Kyle Seeber
Kitchen Manager

As Kitchen Manager Kyle oversees the operational side of the kitchen. With a background and a degree in Culinary Arts, Kyle helps ensure there is enough of everything ready to go, and is responsible for quality control during each cook session. Kyle also helped craft the menu for The Food Joint.